Controlled Chaos

This is dedicated to all the ladies out there battling with their inner lioness… because trust me, I understand how difficult it could be trying to tame your mane! 

Hello Ladies!

Since going natural is "in" again, we see a lot more curly hair girls who are embracing their natural locks with an open mind, tangled head and probably a broken comb -atleast I am. Going natural has its pros and cons. As beautiful and empowering it is to accept and confidently wear your natural hair, it is a long process to keep your hair healthy and find the right products to use.

With all of the beauty products and brands available to us, it's hard to find the perfect product or combination of products to properly service our individual curl pattern and texture. I like my hair to have shine, definition and body without being weighed down with product or having a "crunchy" feel to it. Having soft and touchable curls is a must for me. Finding the right product that will define each curl, add shine, control frizz and keep my hair soft is hard to come by. I have been trying many different products over the years and I finally found one that works for me! 

Controlled Chaos keeps my hair bouncing and full of life! This product defines each curl individually, all while leaving my hair soft and achieving fuller curls. "The bigger the better" is so true with curly hair. Most curly hair girls can agree with me when I say we want more volume, always. Controlled Chaos Curl Creme helped me obtain bigger bolder curls!

Below, I have included my natural hair products and routine that works best for me.

Here's my products and routine:

  • WASH: Wash with Pantene Pro-V Curl Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner. I add Palmer's Olive Oil Formula: Replenishing Conditioner as a conditioning treatment that I put on after I condition. I allow both conditioners to sit for about 3-5 minutes so that my hair can receive moisture. 
  • DETANGLE: Comb hair while wet with conditioner and still in the shower: It's a misconception that you shouldn't comb your hair while it's wet. It is true that it can be damaging but only if you don't do it right. When the hair is wet, it is fragile and more susceptible to damage. It is most vulnerable when wet so you must comb with care. I break my hair up into sections, starting at the ends and gently work my way to the roots. I always leave the conditioners in while I am detangling. Once I am finished, I rinse the conditioner out and run my fingers through my hair for one last comb.
  • DRY: When drying, it's best to use a cotton t-shirt so absorb the access water. Using a towel is fine but the soft cotton shirt is more gentle on your hair. Don't vigorously rub the shirt or towel over your hair in hopes to dry it faster. Simply blot it dry by squeezing the shirt/towel from root to tip. You need to keep moisture in your hair when applying product for the best results.
  • APPLY PRODUCT: While applying product, Controlled Chaos Curl Creme, use sparingly and gently. I use this product by itself because it's an all-in-one: adds shine, strengthens, eliminates frizz, softens curls, protects from heat styling and adds moisture. It is very important that you DO NOT comb your hair before, during, or after you apply product. Your curls are defining their shape and combing the hair will break up your curls. I separate my hair into four sections: nape, crown, front left, and front right. I apply about a quarter size of product evenly throughout each section, using my fingers to intimately address each curls. Once I've applied product evenly throughout, I take about a nickel size of product to go over my edges surrounding my face and to readdress the ends. 
  • AIR DRY: Once I've finished apply product, I'm basically finished. I always let my hair air dry to avoid causing any damage with heat. It takes about one and a half to two hours for my hair to dry, sometimes three hours for a full root to tip dry. If you on pressed for time, you can use a diffuser to achieve your look faster, but I try not to put any heat on my hair what so ever. However, it is completely up to you and what your hair can handle. Once my hair has almost fully dried, it finger my curls to puff them up a little and give my hair volume, body, and bounce.

And WAH-LA.. there you have it! A beautiful head of tamed curls. Everyone's hair is different, reacts differently to different products, and takes a minute to get into routine. So be patient and try products until you find the right now for you! I am always looking for more way to extenuate my mane so if you have any product or routine suggestions, please drop my a line or comment some of your favorite products for me to try.    

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