A T Ë: Goddess of Ruins

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE gold! Beyond it's alluring exterior, it has a such a deeper meaning. Gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this color is optimistic and positive. Gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. It illuminates and enhances other things around it. At the uppermost level, gold is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. These are all some of the characteristics that make me, me. Which would explain why gold and purple are my favorite colors. 

With that being said, I always had this artistic vision of myself as a golden goddess. The best part of modeling is being able and capable of spearheading and conceptualizing my own photoshoots. I have a vision and I work in order to bring it to life. That's exactly what happened here! I was fortunate enough to find the right team to properly and perfectly execute my vision. I showed my photographer, Derek Bryce, my vision and inspiration, and he was able to help me create a true work of art! We titled it ATË, which of whom was the Greek God (in our case) Goddess of ruins. With his amazing team, hair stylist Jeremey Johnson, and makeup artist Danielle Mock, we were able to not only surpass our expectations, but also get our images published. YES, published!! I can confidently say that I have a spread in the November issue of Elléments Magazine New York. Issues are available to purchase HERE.

Take a look at the BTS images below. CLICK HERE to see the final finished images.