60's in '16

I tend to find inspiration my surroundings no matter where I may be. So for this shoot, I found inspiration in our modern day culture as well as staying true to the origin of its influence. For those who know fashion, know that it is a continuous evolution; a revolving door if you will. What's "in style" now will be here today and gone tomorrow. Then, in about 20 years, we will see that same style evolve into the modern day trend. I find it entertaining to know that something I wore as an adolescent in the 90's/00's is now back in style in my 20's. Or to know that my Mom's faux leather high waisted skirt that she wore to a 1995 boat ride can now hang amongst the clothes in my closet (You go Mom, you were popping!). Following my favorite bloggers or opening the latest issue of InStyle proves my point. And for anyone's parent who can walk into H&M and say "I used to have a dress just like that" can concur. A fashion evolution is in effect and this is where the inspiration of my latest shoot derived!

I always say I love modeling because it allows me to test the limitations of my comfort zones. Whether it is the laying on the edge of a 12 story building or disguising myself as a 1960's Mod Girl, I love trying new things in order to achieve my vision. I have always loved 60's/70's era of fashion. I love the chunky heels, A-line dresses, button down skirts, and color block. Twiggy set the bar for high fashion and the rest is history! Which brings me to today and explains my method behind the madness. I wanted to hone in on the essence of her iconic style with a modern day millennial twist! I didn't want to mimic her, because lets be clear, there is only ONE Twiggy. Instead, I wanted to show how she still has influence on the world of fashion today. So I scored a killer wig, played in make up, and rummaged through my closet to find what I thought would best represent my vision!

My photographer, Eckzavier, never seizes to amaze me. I can shoot him a text at 2am with screenshots of my inspiration and he will always find a way to make it happen. No idea is ever too far fetched with him and that is why I love the bond we share. He understands my artistry and I have the utmost respect for his work. Together we help each other learn and grow in our crafts. In the year and a half that we have been shooting together, I can always count on him to bring my vision to life. And for that, I cannot thank him enough!