EWC Summer '16 Campaign

Hello there! 

Have you ever kept a secret that boils inside of you? You know, that secret that at any moment can be spoiled by your inner ego's euphoria, patiently awaiting its moment of glory before it erupts with premature celebrations? We've all been there! Especially me, which is why I am beyond honored and excessively excited to share this big secret that I've kept for majority of the summer! Wait for it.. Wait for it...

Meet the face of European Wax Center's Summer '16 #strut365 campaign!!! *inserts fireworks followed by off-beat dances from the celebratory tunes playing in my head* 

For me, this is a big deal! The amount of work, dedication, and time that I have put into my modeling has been anything but easy. Juggling a full time job, a modeling career, and all the other things I have my hands in can be difficult at times. I cannot count how many opportunities I've had to pass up because of my job, or how many castings I've been on and haven't gotten a call back. This industry is tough! And the many beautifully talented individuals who have chosen this as their career path can say the same; it's not easy. But at this moment, none of that matters!  

Here's a bit of insight on the shoot:

The story line is a summer day at the beach with supporting products that boost your day by improving your skin. Everything from body polish to restoring serum, to ensure smooth and luxurious skin that glows after a full day of fun in the sun. The images were shot at Rockaway Beach, NY in early June. There was such a wonderful team! Everyone from the make up artist, to the creative director, to the photographer made everything so comfortable and enjoyable. There's nothing better than being surrounded by positive energy and good people while shooting. The connection directly translates in the photos, and everyone was in sync from the beginning! Check out the products HERE and the campaign images below, which can be found throughout EWC's social media!