Purple Power Moves

Sometimes in life things are thrown at you.. then there are times where things are thrown on. That's pretty much the basis of this pop-up photoshoot. It all started as a business meeting at Styling On showroom to discuss future collaborations and the synergy we all bring to the table. The next thing I know I am being draped in Yufash apparel and stepping into Tiannia Barnes footwear. In a showroom full of amazing designers, anything is possible. And when perfectly paired, can create a look fit for a fashionable boss babe.

Upon arriving into the Styling On showroom and being introduced to the new lines, I was instantly captivated by the intriguing aesthetic of Yufash's AW16/17 collection. The sophisticated silhouettes adorned in intricate embellishments demanded my attention. One dress in particular, composed of muted lavender silk and trimmed with purple hair-like fringe, was something I had to get my hands on! When paired with the purple cape coat, edgy and luxury collided flawlessly in a ensemble that is sure to make you take a second look. 

Once we had the RTW look together, it was time to accessorize! We knew black would provide a solid canvas to allow the clothes shine without overpowering the accessories. Tiannia Barnes had the perfect black pumps that not only complimented the clothes, but also accentuated the femininity of a woman's legs. The combination of textures with patent leather and suede elevated the look, taking sleek and sexy to new heights.  

Hungarian bag designer, Agnes Kovacs, added the finishing touch! His innovative designs are comprised of geometric lines and contemporary structures that define the boundaries of modern minimalism. Manufactured in Budapest, the chic Italian leathers and handmade premium production emphasize the importance of durability and design. The marriage of art and technology create a canvas of exquisite elegance, and truly transformed the overall look.

Sophistication and luxury exude from the seams of this ensemble. This look is of handpicked designs pieced together for a boss babe ready to make power moves. And I just so happen to be that boss babe. Did I mention that purple is my favorite color?! Let me just tell you, I felt like a million bucks!